Lost Eidolons

[Lost Eidolons] Walkthrough: Chapters 1-10

(Translated with DeepL)

Hi there. I’m Temmusu @ Dosukoi Ichibanboshi.

This is the walkthrough of Lost Eidolons, which has been hot in some neighborhoods (I guess…).

There are 27 chapters in total in the Lost Eidolons. I finished this game with “Normal” difficulty and “Maniac mode”.

This page is the memo when I cleared the game. Actually, I achieved to finish without any companions death through the game by the following method.

Please forgive me if I use a lot of text and not many pictures.

Chapter 1 (Mercenaries of Lonetta)

Chapter2 (Battle)

Chapter3 (Breakout)

These are tutorial missions. You can win if you do it normally, so I will skip the explanation.

Chapter4 (Battle – On the Road to Castyllian)

A mission in which you are pinched from both sides by Hellhounds.

However, the enemies on the right side will be stopped by traps, so if you concentrate on the enemies on the left side and defeat them first, you will not be surrounded by them and you will be able to get to the right side in time.

The Hellhounds can be defeated without any difficulty as long as you attack according to the weapon markings of their weak points.

Chapter 5 (The Proving Grounds)

A mission to capture the fort.

The closed door in front of start position can be attacked with the “Ram Gate” command and when that durability reaches 0, the door opens.

The archers on the rampart either side of the door can be defeated first with our archers and magic.

There are two treasure chests, one in the center of the field and the other at the top of the center, so don’t forget them.

Do not rush to get the treasure chest in the back, but go for it after the boss is alone. The boss’s attack is powerful, so it is a good idea to draw him away while recovering, and then approach the chest from the opposite side of the boss.

Chapter 6 (Murder of Crows)

A mission to fight against a mixed unit of enemy soldiers and Hellhounds.

It is easy and nothing special to mention.

Chapter 7 (Thorned Rose)

A mission to capture a fort.

Allies are placed separately in front of the left and right doors, but it is easier to attack by sticking to one side or the other.

When you go for the treasure chest in the upper right corner, enemies including the boss will come at you at once. So you should go for it after reducing the number of enemies to some extent.

Chapter 8 (Slumbering Bear)

A mission to attack a castle.

Ballaster, Elias, and Selina will join you as allies. From this chapter, green allies will often fight with you, but it does not matter if they are killed unless they are in the condition of defeat.

The point is that if you start in Maniac mode, the death of an ally is a permanent death, but green allies are not. So you can just ignore the death of green allies who will join our team later.

If you get rid of the enemy in front of you on the rampart at the start of this battle, you must defeat the spellcasters first. If you attack the archers first, the spellcasters will use Icy spell and the ally will be frozen, so be careful.

After destroying the door in front of you, enemies will come at you at once.

It is a good strategy to line up tanks in front of the door, have them defend and draw them back, and then use magic and bows from the rear to cut them down.

The ballista’s attack is not that painful, so you don’t have to worry about it.

After defeating the first group of enemies, proceed by destroying the brittle walls.

This way, you can proceed without entering the ballista’s attack range.

There is one treasure chest near the boss. Do not be hasty and go for it after you have reduced the number of enemies.

Chapter 9 (Smoke and Mirrors)

A battle mission on the plain.

Again, Ballaster and Selina will join you.

The group of enemies in front of you right after the start of the mission will be more difficult than you expect. Because there are so many of them to face at one time, some of allies can be executed if they are attacked intensively.

If you take a good position, Ballaster and Celina will work together to kill one of them in the first turn. This makes it much easier.

Note that the retreat of Balastar is a condition for losing the game, so be careful not to get hit by him (actualy, he is very tough, so you can leave him alone though.).

if you make Selina stay alive, she will heal our member with dedication.

After kicking out the first group of enemies, as Gilbert advised, there are enemy ambushers in the forested areas on the left and right.

Divide the allied forces into two and have them stand by in front of the forest on the left and right to be ready.

When ready, advance one of them into the woods (a healer is recommended here cause he or she don’t attack enemy). The ambush soldiers will appear, and got stunned when one ally approaches into the forest, so it is the good opportunity to eliminate them.

The boss is the type that we dell less damage unless all the other enemies are wiped out. He comes forward on horseback.

On the other hand, the spellcasters in the rear move slow and attack at range, so they don’t come forward very often.

Therefore, you should draw the boss to the center of the area and send your allies on horseback or hunters to the rear to hit the spellcasters.

Chapter 10 (Scorched Earth)

A mission to attack a castle.

Leave the archers in front of you on the rampart at the start of the mission until the door is destroyed.

When the door is opened, they will come down from the wall and head for the gate, so take them out.

After destroying the door, leave the tanks to defend and stand by. Attack from behind with magic and bows.

In particular, there is wet ground on the left front near the gate, and enemies perched here will become drenched, so you should attack them with lightning magic (or freeze them with ice magic.).

There are two treasure chests, one in the center and one on the left of the center. You don’t need to pay much attention to get them.

When you approach the boss, the caltrop trap will (sometimes) be triggered.

If you stay on the caltrops (or path through them?), you will be damaged, so you should attack from other sides.

Since many of the enemy soldiers in and around the boss are spellcasters, it is easy to block them with using them the dark magic “Silence”.

That’s all for now. Thank you very much for reading this far.

See you next time. Have a good day.


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