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[Lost Eidolons] Walkthrough: Chapters 21-27last and end content

(Translated with DeepL)

Hi there. I’m Temmusu @ Dosukoi Ichibanboshi.

This is the walkthrough of Lost Eidolons, which has been hot in some neighborhoods (I guess…).

There are 27 chapters in total in the Lost Eidolons. I finished this game with “Normal” difficulty and “Maniac mode”.

This page is the memo when I cleared the game. Actually, I achieved to finish without any companions death through the game by the following method.

Please forgive me if I use a lot of text and not many pictures.

Chapter 21 (The Reunion)

Before the battle, there is a “Gaze of Venezius” option. The answer to “Deflect with a joke” is the choice blue colored (correct answer to see the happy ending).

Escape mission. The lords betray you and flee quickly. Alexandre is the only one who stays and fights.

In this stage, the green soldiers turns blue when you put allies next to him, and you can control them. The first step is to increase the number of allies who can be controled as much as possible to make it easier to capture the stage.

Merten and Chelcia on the left and Elias and Lila on the lower right are marked with a crown. If you eliminate the surrounding troupes, you will be able to take damage Marten, chelcia, Elias and Lila. The group on the left has a strong physical defense, while the group on the lower right has a high attack power.

The group of Balastar on the upper right does not need to be defeated, but they should stick around to buy time, so dispatch an ally on horseback to control them. If the group becomes dangerous, leave with only your friends.

The Balastar will chase after you after clearing out his surroundings, but they will stop on the way.

After defeating the groups on the left and lower right, aim for the goal.

As you approach the goal, reinforcements will appear to block your way. So, you need to maintain your position better.

Although this is an escape stage, the mission was more about fighting.

Chapter22 (Under Siege)

A defense battle in a castle. Enemies attacked from three fronts: left, right, and top. If the enemy breaks through to the center of the castle, you lose.

Here, too, Alexandre, a lord, fights as an ally. Even if you finish this mission with him alive, he will be treated as dead and the story will continue, so you can leave him alone.

The two ballistas in the center do not deal much damage. So ignore them and it would be better to fight in front line.

First, the enemies on the left and upper front, where the allies are initially placed, should be eliminated as soon as possible.

After that, join the group on the right front where Alexandre is.

Enemies in all directions will be stopped in front of the door at the beginning battle, so it is a good idea to attack with a combo of Torrential Rain and lightning, scatter Nightveil to reduce their HP, and then use archers to cut them down.

In the 10th turn, reinforcements will come from below the castle. If you keep this in mind and form up, you should not have too much trouble.

In this battle, you can get a lot of Legendary equipment (dropped by the enemy).

Chapter 23 (Fight and Flight)

This chapter is where Robin leaves permanently. If you finish the side quest “Whisper of the Wind” with Robin’s rapport at level 3 before entering this battle, you can get a unique bow at the next camp.

Another escape mission.

To be honest, I don’t remember much about this battle. I think it was so easy that it left no impression on me.

Interacting with two big rocks on the way, you can roll the rocks and kill or stall the enemies.

I think I just kept going while defeating the enemies that were chasing me. I think there were reinforcements coming from the front…(?)

There is a treasure chest in the center of the building, so don’t forget it.

Chapter24 (The Renegade)

Here, too, there is a Gaze of Venezius option before the battle. The answer “Klara’s not that kind of person.” is blue colored answer.

The victory condition at the start of the mission is “defeat all enemies,” but after a certain amount of fighting, reinforcements appear from the upper left corner and the condition changes. Once again, you have to flee.

The enemies are gathered in front of the gate, so it is better to use Torrential Rain and Lightning combo or Nightveil to reduce their HP, and then use archers to cut them down. By the way, Eden’s special skill is also a lightning attribute, so it can be included in the combo. Blizzard might be available by now, so you can freeze them all together.

Chapter25 (Awakening)

Before the battle, there is a Gaze of Venezius option. The answer to “You’re right. I’m being paranoid.” is blue colored answer.

The defense battle at the fort. The goal is to keep Eden alive for 15 turns.

Enemy soldiers enter through the gates from three different places: the top, middle, and bottom of the front.

Enemies from the top and bottom are small in number, so they are not much of a threat. While successfully defending against them, use ranged attacks and nightveils to reduce the HP of the enemies in front of the door, and then use archers to cut them down (leave enough for one nightveil to be used later).

When the enemy’s attack becomes uncontrollable, an event like “It’s time to retreat” will occur. Then, retreat to the narrow passageway in the middle of the ballista.

If you scatter Nightveil in the narrow passage while retreating, the enemy will reach your camp sparsely, making defense easy.

In the meantime, 15 turns should have passed.

Chapter26 (Broken Promises)

A battle in a big river. The river is flowing so fast that if you stay in the river, you will be swept one tile downstream.

There are many enemies, but they can be easily defeated by luring them to the river and hitting them. You can easily deal with them with lightning and ice magic.

After defeating a certain number of enemies, our reinforcements will appear from the far left and right. Join the flow of reinforcements and kick out the last group.

This mission gives the impression that it is not so difficult.

Chapter 27 (Power of the Lost)

Finally, the last mission.

At the final battle of this mission against Balastar will be a tough and long battle, so do not neglect preparations.

Two healers are needed with Blessing.

If you use many archers as you can, it will be relatively easer to fight against Balastar. Each troops should be equipped with two elixirs that increase physical or magical attack power and one recovery potion.

At the beginning mission, when you chase after the enemies, they will attack you in small groups in order to stall you. Repeat this process three times until you reach the wasteland along the river, where you will finally engage in a battle with Balastar. First of all, you must kick out all the enemies around Balastar.

Even if Balastar’s HP is reduced to zero, he will revive twice.

Eden will ask you if you want to use the “Power of Venezius” when he revives. If you use it, Gaze of Venezius will tilt slightly red color, recharge the number of times all allies can use their skills and magic, and also deal heavy damage to Balastar. If you have kept the Gaze of Venezius in blue so far, using it once (maybe twice) is not a problem for the ending.

Also, since Balaster’s melee attacks deal likely instant death damage and he regenerates his HP, stay away from him and ranged attack with bows or magic.

It will be easier to fight him if you use elixir to boost our troops attack power.

Keep your allies’ health as full as possible.

Ballaster uses three types of abnormal attacks.

  1. Dot-damaging fire
  2. On the second turn, the debuffed character will explode, damaging everyone around him, and he himself will be stunned.
  3. A flame in which two characters are chained together and when one takes damage, the other takes damage as well.

Blessing/Purification cannot be used to cancel any of the above (but it should be possible); Blessing is required only for the stun caused by (2). When the explosion occurs, not only your unit will be damaged, but also your allies around you unit will be heavily damaged, so you should stay away from other allies.

The chain of (3) will be released if you are more than 6 tiles away, so open the distance after receiving it.

The game will be cleared after defeating Balastar twice. To be honest, I think it will be hard without the power of Venezius.

The unique axe equipped by Balaster can be obtained here, but it goes straight to the ending. Therefore, it can only be used in next new game.

The Ending

In the ending, we see the conclusion of the story and the later stories of the companions.

The text here flows without stopping, so if you want to read it slowly, recommendation is to record whole ending.

My English understanding is poor and I didn’t also record it, but I understood it by the atmosphere, so I considered it OK (I just don’t feel like redoing it because Ballaster is so strong).

The end game content

You will be able to play a strong new game now.

You can select “new game+” in the main menu, and the following options (which you can select) will be taken over and you can start the new game from the beginning.

  • Mastery (equipment mastery)
  • Class EXP (class experience)
  • Rapport Levels
  • Leadership (Leadership Points)
  • Codex
  • Common to Legendary Equipment
  • Unique Equipment
  • Rapport Items
  • Documents & Quest Items
  • Gold
  • +2 Skill Slots
  • Leon remains in battles
  • Robin remains in battles

That’s all for the Lost Eidolons strategy.

Now that I am refreshed, I am ready to start the othr game.

I’ve planed to play “Wartales” next, and I’m really looking forward to it because of the great reviews on Steam.

Thanks for reading this far.

See you soon. Have a good day.


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